Mothers Day and The Women in Our Lives

931217_47664381On Sunday we are looking at how women shaped the story of Jesus. Because even though we might be familiar with it the fact is this: without women there would be no story of Jesus.

And I just don’t mean that without Mary giving birth to Jesus, there wouldn’t be a story of Jesus. I mean without the support, financing, investment, and connection that Jesus has with women there would be no story of Jesus. 

So that’s what I want to look at how women shape and influence Jesus’ story, and also ours as well.

But before we get there why not think about that a little bit this weekend. What women have influenced and shaped your life? Not only maybe your mom, but grandmothers, aunts, nieces, school teachers, friends, adopted mothers, co-workers, bosses, or neighbours.

What women have shaped your story and have you said thank you?

That’s a good place to begin before we get to Sunday.

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