Junior Youth (Gr. 6-8)


Libby Peters

Associate Pastor

Libby has lived in our community here in Plattsville, and been a part of Plattsville Church for many years now.

Not only does she have a son in the ignite program, but she has another older son who helps run it!

Family is a big part of her life along with her heart for reaching the youth of this community.

Come and join in the weekly energy and conversation.

Ignite takes place on WEDNESDAY nights

Ignite is always held at the church. 6:30-8:00pm.

Each week we will play a rowdy version of Dodgeball, enjoy snack, and discussion around our theme.

For November we will be looking at how Jesus loved and cared for others and how we can do the same!

ignite is our program aimed at the early teen years. This is the age where youth begin to discover what they are passionate about in life. It is also the age where who they are as a person can begin to ignite. We hope during this time to also ignite a love for their Creator.