Children’s Church Sunday mornings at 10:00am

Jennifer Clarke

Children’s Ministry Pastor

Jennifer has been a part of our community here in Plattsville and at Plattsville Church for many years. She is an elementary school teacher who also has a passion for teaching kids the hope of the gospel message that Jesus loves them.

Children’s Church for JK-Gr.5 Kids

Join us every Sunday morning for children’s ministry. Participate in an age appropriate worship service that includes songs, stories, and activities for kids Grades JK – 5. For more information, please email Jennifer.

This month’s theme:

Did you know that the largest Easter egg in the world lives in Vegreville, Canada? Did you know that the most popular Easter candy in the word are Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs? There’s a ton of fun trivia around the them of Easter, but the best questions to ask kids are about Jesus. Did you know we can love Jesus more than anything? Did you know Jesus is king over everything? Did you know Jesus is alive? Did you know we can trust Jesus? Whatever their answer, invite kids to go beyond the facts and get to know Jesus for themselves!