Welcome to Lent

Well this Sunday we are launching a new series for Lent. Lent has started and it’s an absolutely necessary Christian practice. And come Sunday we will be exploring what Lent is, why it’s needed, and also how it can change your life. Lent isn’t an easy time, but it is a necessary time.

So throughout Lent we are going to be looking at the “7 Woes of Jesus”. This is where Jesus condemns the religious, moral, and spiritual elite of his day and shares with them how they are missing the point. The point for us is that if the religious, moral, and spiritual elite can miss the point – so can we as Christians. So we want to explore how we might be missing the point in our lives, and getting them back on track.

Lent is a time of reflections, repentance, and rededication and we want to do that through asking the Spirit to speak to us, challenge us, and convict us. So I know it’s not a fun time, but a necessary time.

Oh and since its Valentines Day, we’ll talk a little bit about love too 🙂 I know a bit disjointed but we’ll work it all together. Mostly because my lovely wife said “You need to talk about love on Valentines day” and since I love her, that’s what we’ll do too 🙂

7 Woes

Coffee, Connecting, and Slowing Down…

I’m a fairly high energy person. I like to get things done. I have an at home to-do list and work to do list. And in I love to get things off that list. I feel like I’m making progress, that I’m doing a good job, and in general a productive person.

Productivity is a good thing, except when it comes to relationships. Relationships aren’t meant to be productive.

The difficulty is that’s often times that’s how we view them. We feel obligated to connect with people we haven’t seen in a while. We meet with people that circumstances or situations force us to talk to. We talk to only some people when we need them in some way. That’s all productivity influencing relationships. And unfortunetley the same happens with God. We try to catch up, talk with him when we need too, or when we need him.

But relationships aren’t mean to be productive their meant to simply be. To be enjoyed. To be experinced. To be part of. To simply be.

So after reflecting on my sermon on Sunday where I shared that we need to connect with God, I’m going to try to do just that. Today rather than focusing on being productive, I’m going to focus on being with God. I’m going to get a coffee, get some space, and slow down. To give my relationship with him room to breathe. To not focus on bringing all my agenda items to him, or going through my list of needs. Instead I’m going to appreciate our friendship, and simply be with him.

What about you? Is there space in your day to connect with God? Over coffee, lunch, or while driving?

For me I’m going to simply be with God and have a good cup of coffee.

I think that’s a good way to start the day…