Hearing God’s Voice in Psalm 23 (A Targum and Prayer)

On Sunday we talked about how our God cares for us, provides for us, gives life, protection, and direction.

To end the sermon I read a paraphrase of Psalm 23 asking us to listen for God’s voice in the words. That as I read we would hear God speaking to us. And many people heard God’s voice.

So I thought why not do that again today.

Take a moment, put on some good music, have a cup of coffee and read this passage three times. And as you do, listen to God speaking to you, stirring something in you, listen to any words or phrases that resonate or stick with you. Why not take that as God speaking through his Holy Spirit to you today. And then give thanks to him that we have such a wonderful God.

  • The Lord is my shepherd
    • The one who watches over me
    • Who comes to seek and find me
    • The one whose voice I know within
  • With a Lord like this I don’t need a thing
    • You take care of my needs
    • Leading me to rest for my soul and body
    • You renew my strength
  • True to your word
    • You let me catch my breath
    • And send me in the right direction
    • Displaying your faithfulness at all times
  • Even when that way goes through Death Valley
    • When depression, darkness, and death stalk me
    • I will not be afraid – because you walk at my side
  • You never leave me in the darkness
    • You walk me through it
    • Your power, protection, and presence makes me feel secure
    • Knowing you are there to guide me
  • In the midst of calamity and onslaught
    • In front of my taunters, disbelievers, scoffers, and enemies
    • You come and prepare a full meal for me
  • Welcoming me into your home
    • Anointing my head with oil
    • Calming me, protecting me, and claiming me as yours and yours alone
  • My cup it brims with blessings
    • Your beauty and your love they chase after me every day of my life
    • Grace is pursuing me and life is coming
  • I’m back home in the house of God for the rest of my life

Following our Shepherd ~ Psalm 23 (God is With You)

This Sunday we are going to be looking at the most familiar of all the Psalms. We’re looking at Psalm 23. Hegel, a famous philosopher, once said that the familiar is unknown because it is familiar. And often when something is familiar we breeze past it, we overlook it, and we assume we understand it. This Sunday we’re going to not assume anything but look at this passage as it was meant to be understood: as if we were sheep.

Yep that’s right, we’re going to be talking a lot about sheep, because David in this Psalm is talking a lot about what he knows: shepherding and sheep.

So on Sunday come ready to discover not only about ourselves but even more importantly about the Lord who is a shepherd. This Psalm is about discovering a God who cares for us, provides for us, protects us, welcomes us, and directs us. And isn’t that what we need? A God who walks with us. A God who isn’t distant but, like a good shepherd, is right next to you guiding you as you walk, leading you to rest, and ready to give you life.

So today maybe reflect and rest on that for a moment. Slow down and realize no matter what you are going through God is with you. Even if it’s dark and the valley of death seems to overshadow everything, God is with you. If you’re drowning and don’t have enough time, finances, or energy, God is with. If you’re surrounded on all sides and lost, God is with you. God is with you in all that’s ahead of you today.

So as your day continues look for God, because he is the Good Shepherd that never leaves his sheep.