Shoveling Snow ~ Giving Life #missional


We have awesome neighbors. They are fun and we get along great. We are blessed in the true meaning of the word.

What I love is that somehow Hudson is picking this up. He knows all our neighbors by name, talks about them, and invites them over…whether or not the house is clean. But late last week I saw that he has also learned something else. He’s learned that we need to bless people and help them in tangible real ways.

So early one morning we were out playing in the snow shoveling our driveway. Hudson…is well…semi-helpful in this. He often thinks it’s helpful to make a pile of snow in the middle of the driveway and sit in it. His heart’s in the right place though. But what struck me was when we finished our drive way he immediately went over and started shoveling our next door neighbors. So we did that drive way. And then we he started on the next one…And the next one…

What is beautiful is somehow even at his young age he is understanding and practicing following Jesus. Following Jesus is OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAabout blessing, which means to literally “give life”. And shoveling drive-ways gives life. Trust me when you are late to work and realize you don’t have to do it – that’s life giving. When someone shows up with supper so you don’t have to cook – that’s life giving. When you stop to really listen to your neighbor – that’s life giving. So last week as I followed my son’s lead, we shoveled some drive ways and practiced our faith.

The question is how can you give life this week? How can you bless someone? How can you do simple but intentional things to show you are caring about others? Last week I didn’t have to choose to do this, my son chose for me. But this week I’m going to choose one way to bless the people closest to me. So what about you? How can you practice love? How can you bless someone? How can you give life?

Over the years we’ve always been blessed with amazing neighbors. But wouldn’t it be amazing if when people talked about Christians rather than saying negative things they said…they are the best neighbors. I think if people start to say that about us as Christians we’re moving on the right road…

Moving into the Neighborhood

In the first chapter of John we read that the Word was God, with God, and moved into the neighborhood. Jesus came and joined us where we are at. He joined our communities. He joined our lives.

That’s really what being a Christian is about. Joining a neighborhood. Joining a community. Moving in and taking part. I’ve been noticing that a lot more lately, because when you are a part of a community that’s when connections begin.

Hudson and I frequent the same coffee shop every Friday together. And because of this consistency we have been developing friendships. We also go to our local park. Today at the park an older couple came up to us and remarked that we have a very happy boy. They said they’ve noticed how happy, and energetic he is whenever they’ve seen him. And we started a conversation and a connection. That’s what happens when you truly join a community, you get to know people and they get to know you.

And this is how you spread the gospel – one life, conversation, and connection at a time. This happens when we truly decided to become a part of our neighborhoods. This is what Jesus’ example demonstrates. He moves into our neighborhoods and joins us there. He frequents our locales, he shares his presence, proximity and his life. We are called to do the same. So here is an easy but important question:

Whose neighborhood are you a part of? Who are you developing friendships with? Are you a part of your community?

These are questions we need to ask if we are going to follow Jesus, because following Jesus means moving into a neighborhood just like he did.

So let’s follow Jesus’ example and truly move into our neighborhoods with good news and grace following us. Let’s change our street, our workplaces, and families by being a part of them and spreading grace and life. Let’s be like Jesus…