Three Powerful Words: It is Finished

There are three really powerful words when put together. And no it’s not “I love you”, although those are powerful words too.

The three words I’m thinking of are these: “It is finished.”

Those are really wonderful and powerful words to be able to say. Sometimes it feels good  just to say them after remodeling or renovating your house. Sometimes it feels good to say them after a hard day at work, saying “it is finished”.  Sometimes it is really powerful to say them after a huge project, or event.

it-is-finishedBut these words are really more powerful and meaningful when they are shared about soul level stuff.

  • Like when you can finally look back at a brutally dark period of your life and finally say, “It is finished”.
  • When you can look at a hurtful person, and finally because of forgiveness say, “it is finished”.
  • When you can look at some of your addictions (drugs, drinking, pornography, power, importance whatever) and be free from them and say, “It is finished”.

When you can look back on hurtful periods, sinful things, or difficult things and finally say “It is finished”, those are some of the most powerful three words to utter.

And come Sunday we are going to look at how you can say them in your life, over the things that hold you trapped. But first we are going to look at who said those three words first, what they mean, and how they can change your life.

“It is finished” – Jesus (John 19:30)