Hide and Seek with Jesus

On Sunday we talked about joy, and you can listen to it here. We talked about how joy is connected to finding Jesus. Because when you find Jesus, you find someone special. You find a person who is God, and yet just like us. You find a person who knows what it is to struggle, yet overcomes. You find a person who knows everything, yet just wants to get to know you…

This is a person worth finding.

And when you find him and connect with him you get connected to joy, hope, peace, and love. Because Jesus is each of those things. He doesn’t give us joy, we find our joy in him as Paul says. And so key to finding and holding on to joy in our lives is finding and holding onto Jesus. He is our source. Finding Jesus means finding joy, peace, hope, and love that lasts. It lasts because he lasts, he is steady, he is true, and the story of Christmas is that he is here. The invitation to the shephereds in Luke 2 is that Jesus is findable, “meetable”, and here.

So how do you find him in your life? Simple. Just do what the shepherds do…they start looking.

Each week I write a post called “Where I saw Jesus this Week…”. And maybe this week you should comment or write your own post titled “Where you found Jesus this week…”

Because he is ready and willing to be found…and with him comes joy, peace, love, and hope…

The question is are you looking?

And if you find him, I’d love to hear how and where…

A Little Joy on a Monday…

So on Sunday we talked about joy. And this video gives me a lot of joy so I thought I’d share it. It helps that I’m in it, but when kids laugh so hard they can’t stand how can you not have a little joy?

The thing that struck me is that so often joy isn’t dependent on what you are doing but who you are with. Here with Hudson what matters is that we’re playing together. The who matters more than the what.

So spend a moment and think about who gives you joy in your life. Is it a friend, family member, or even God himself? Then plan sometime to be with them this week. It probably doesn’t matter so much what you do, but that you do it together.

And if you don’t know what to do…may I suggest hitting a ball with your head?