Roar!! I’m a Lion!!

At any given time when there is a lull in our life with our little boy he will do this. He will look at me and then yell, “Roar!”

In essence, Hudson loves to be a lion. Here’s a video to give you a sense of his “lion-ness”.

I love this about him. His given attitude at any time is to laugh, is to play, and is to roaarrrrrrr! And of all the animals he could choose to be I’m happy he’s chose a lion. Except early in the morning that is. If you think being woken by a rooster is tough, try a roaring lion.To me though, it’s wonderful and funny that Hudson’s natural disposition is to just be a happy little lion. His life is a good day when he roars, runs, smiles, and laughs. But what does this have to do with anything other than my son being cute?

Well I think for me it triggers the fact that we all have natural dispositions. We all have emotions, dispositions, or attitudes that become our natural state, regular, and normal. We all have a set of emotions that, for us, is our normal. We all have chosen patterns, and rhythms that become routine and regular. The question I have for you is, are they healthy? Is your natural disposition to be at peace, calm, happy, full of life, and full of hope? Do you more often than not slide into bitterness, disbelief, anger, or depression? Is your normal, healthy? Is your natural disposition life giving?

In essence do you roar like a lion? I think it’s a good question to think of because it is too easy in our lives to let our normals be less than they should be. It is too easy to let bitterness creep in, or anger, or disbelief.

For me though I’ve found a little someone that makes sure my natural disposition is happy, healthy, and true. Because every time I’m tempted to be down, to be draw into bitterness, a little lion with a big roar draws me out of it. And maybe if you’re having a down day he can do the same for you…