2011 Recap

Well 2012 is here. This was my first year trying blogging and I think its gone pretty well. And WordPress (the site that hosts this blog) has given me some stats over the past few months of blogging.

  • Evidently I’ve blogged 38 different posts
  • The site has been visited about 2900 times. Which means that more than my mom is reading them.
  • That most people reading are from Canada, followed by the U.S., U.K, and Asia after that. I had no idea I could even find that out.
  • That my most popular posts have been about my son Hudson. For a 2-year-old he is pretty popular.
It has been really great blogging and I’m going to keep it up in this year. But if you have any suggestions or ideas of what you’d like to see blogged on, or explored comment or send me a message.
And in case you missed it last week here is my sermon from Christmas day entitled “Following Jesus”. It was a great day where we ate cake in church, sang carols, and talked about Jesus. So if you’d like to hear it I’d suggest eating cake while you listen.

So thanks for reading and being a part of what’s happening. Happy New Year!