Where I Saw Jesus This Week

This week a friend of mine took me out for breakfast.

This in and of itself may not be a big deal. But it was a big deal for us and our friendship.

Many months ago we started meeting for breakfast. And things in his life weren’t great to say the least. He was stuck in a cycle of addiction, unhealthy relationships, debt, difficulty, and not wanting to go on.

But I believe people can change. Jesus believes people can change. Jesus believes that what defines us is not our past, but the future he has for us.

So around coffee, eggs, and polish sausage I found Jesus. Because my friend has taken the incredibly hard steps to change. He’s overcoming addiction, finishing off school, stopped unhealthy relationships, and took me out for breakfast. He’s living change. And that reminded me of Jesus.

So this week don’t stop believing that people can change. It might seem like a long time coming, but when it does, why not celebrate and go out for breakfast…