Our Values

Our Key Cultural Drivers Are the Following:

Grace Based: We value grace and first and foremost over judgment. We will err on the side of grace. Will this mean we get burned? Of course, but we also believe that grace is transforming so we always start there.

Transformation Focused: We value change, growth, and development – which means we accept risk and messiness. We want to be continually growing, and pushing and asking – What does God want to do next? We are not content with the status quo, but giving people places to grow, to try new things, and see a transformation. Transformation is the goal and our metric for what we do.

Inclusive in Diversity: This means that we welcome and seek to include diversity within our church while remaining harmonious and seeking unity. We seek to ensure we major on the major’s and don’t divide over sideline issues. What matters to us is community and people, so we seek to be balanced allowing people to connect from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

Relationships Matter: We are personal more than professional. We value people more than programs. We are intentional with relationships and encouraging and empowering people to “widen the circle” of their relationships. We want people to be growing deeper not only with God but with one another.

Generosity: Generosity is a marker and a driver for us. We believe in being good stewards with all we have so we can be generous with what we have. We believe in having a serving and giving spirit in all areas, and that our God is a god of abundance not of scarcity.