A Prophet and a Belt

Each of us has been given a supernatural gift. However, it is one thing to receive a supernatural gift from the Holy Spirit, it is something else to know when and how to use it. Join Pastor Tim as he looks at Acts 21 and shares some guardrails for using our prophetic gift in the church.

*Quick correction: At one point in the sermon I was sharing about our recent struggles and accidentally said infidelity instead of infertility. 

Gold Digger

Each of us has been given a gift, but are we more invested in the gift than the giver? Join Pastor Tim as he looks at Paul’s instructions to the Corinthian church in 1 Corinthians 12-14. When we understand who the gift is from and who the gifts are for, we understand our role as a conduit to building up the church through a naturally supernatural life.

Experiencing the Trail Marker

Each of us has experiences in our life that mark us. We remember when something happened to us and it changes the way we live. Your spiritual life is no different. The filling of the Holy Spirit is a spiritual trail marker that helps us affirmatively answer the Apostle Paul’s question to the Ephesian Christians, “Have you received the Holy Spirit?”

The Pilot Light

At Pentecost, Peter declared to the crowd that anyone who believed in Jesus, repented of their sin, and was baptized, would be given the gift of the Holy Spirit. Every believer has the Holy Spirit within them, much like a pilot light. Whether you recognize Him or not, he is there. So join Pastor Tim as he looks at what it means to live by the spirit and be naturally supernatural.

Naturally Supernatural

Jesus tells his followers that they will live supernatural lives. In fact, he says that his followers will do even greater things than he did. The key to this supernatural life is the Holy Spirit, our Helper. Join Pastor Tim as he looks at what it means to live by the spirit and be naturally supernatural.

Sermons in this series:

Special Speaker: Pastor Libby

Pastor Libby will be sharing her testimony about how she came to know Christ and the difference he has made in her life. Libby has been a part of our community here in Plattsville and at Plattsville Church for many years now. Whether you are well acquainted with Libby and her family or not, I guarantee that there is more to her story that you should hear. Libby grew up in Australia, where God got a hold of her heart as she witnessed God’s miraculous touch in her family.

The Nones

When asked about their religious affiliation, more people than ever are answering, “None of the above.” In particular, 34% of Generation Z (those born after 1996) have no religious affiliation. This is the highest figure of any generation ever. Join us as we look at the necessity of reaching our children with the message of God’s love.

EMPTY ___________

“Empty” brings feelings of hopelessness, disappointment, and pain. The holidays can often amplify these feelings. But we are not alone. The disciples were filled with all the disappointment of their expectations, the grief of losing a friend, the worry about what was next, and the hopelessness of the situation. But this emptiness can actually be an invitation to experience the Good News of the Gospel. The tomb is empty because we serve a resurrecting king!