EMPTY ___________

“Empty” brings feelings of hopelessness, disappointment, and pain. The holidays can often amplify these feelings. But we are not alone. The disciples were filled with all the disappointment of their expectations, the grief of losing a friend, the worry about what was next, and the hopelessness of the situation. But this emptiness can actually be an invitation to experience the Good News of the Gospel. The tomb is empty because we serve a resurrecting king!

We Are Sorry: Using Force

Christianity has become synonymous with a particular political party. But the idea that Christianity could become synonymous with a government was completely unimaginable to the first-century church. For the first 300 years, Christians were persecuted for their faith, but that all changed with Constantine. Join Pastor Tim as he looks at the words of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane to Peter.

We Are Sorry: For Being Judgemental

In a recent LifeWay Research survey of young adults (aged 23 to 30), two-thirds of those surveyed said between the ages of 18 to 22, they stopped going to church for at least a year. When asked, “why?” a third of them said they felt churches were hypocritical or judgmental. Join Pastor Tim as he looks at the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:1-5 and unpacks what Jesus says about judgement, truth, and love.

We are Sorry

As we enter into the season of Lent, a time of confession and repentance in preparation for Easter, we are confronted by the uncomfortable truth: nobody likes to apologize! Apologizing is hard, even when we know we have done something wrong. Join Pastor Tim as we look at what it means to apologize and three areas that the church needs to apologize for.
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We are Sorry: Saying Sorry

There is something fundamental about saying you’re sorry. We teach it to our kids from a very young age. But just like our kids, it’s easy to demand someone say sorry to you, but when we have to say sorry it’s much more difficult. We’ve all heard apologies that aren’t really apologies: “If I hurt you, I’m sorry” “I’m sorry you feel that way!” “I’m sorry you feel that way”. In fact, many of us when faced with the failings of our own past would rather ignore and avoid our past wrongdoings rather than face them and ask for forgiveness. Join Pastor Tim as he looks at 5 hangups that can keep us from apologizing.

Breakthrough Sundays

Join us throughout 2019 as we press in for God’s breakthrough in our lives. While most of our sermon series happen on sequential Sundays, this sermon series is spread out through 2019 as a time set aside for communion, prayer, and seeking God for what he wants to do in our lives.

Sermons in this series:

God Helps

In a February 2000 Barna Research Group poll, 75% of Christians identified the phrase, “God helps those who help themselves” as coming from the Bible. Yet, this phrase is not found in the Bible and actually represents a very dangerous twist on the gospel message. Our temptation is to take our destiny into our own hands, to try and solve God’s problems for him. But in doing so, we are actually removing him as our Saviour. Join Pastor Tim as he looks at the story of Abraham and Sarai, as they took the promises of God into their own hands and tried to make it happen for themselves.


This past Sunday was the first Sunday of the Lent season, which is a time of confession and preparation for Easter. But because of our familiarity with our own legal system, I think many of us misunderstand to point and power of confession. So join me as we look at Psalm 51 and unpack what it means to truly confess and repent.