Guest Speaker: Stan Bragg

Join special guest speaker Stan Bragg as he shares about his work as a World Partners missionary.

The Braggs work on the Saugeen First Nations Reserve, near Owen Sound, Ontario through ministry to children and youth and to their families.  Their ministry includes outreach into the homes of these children and youth, 95% of the children who attend weekly children’s programs have not previously known Jesus.  Included in their ministry are winter youth camps (in relationship with Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener, Ontario), Baby Blessing box distribution, a Youth garden produce project, an archery program, a community bike program and leadership within a Christian church on the reserve.  The Braggs have also developed a First Nations team who ministers alongside them.  They believe strongly in raising up First Nations Leaders.

Summer With Purpose

Summer is here! But before you know it, summer will be over. Most of us have great intentions about what we want to do and who we want to be. Join Pastor Tim as he challenges us to be intentional in every area of our life this summer.

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Summer Resource List

Wherever life take you this summer, make sure that it’s the summer you intended. Find the resources below to be intentional in a variety of areas of life.

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True Story Sermon Series


Everyone has a story! Some stories have happy endings and some aren’t as neat and tidy, some stories are spiritual and some stories are not, and some stories are in process and still being written. The question is, “Are you ready?” Are you ready to share your story? are you prepared and are you willing?

Prepare Your Story

We’re excited for you! We’re excited because you’re willing to be used by God as you share your story. God uses our stories to draw both others and us into great levels of faith. As we prepare our story we are reminded about how God has been faithful in the past, and as we share that story others are inspired to believe in a God that can meet them in a similar way. So thank you! Thank you for being brave enough to do the work, prepare your story, and share it with the world. This PDF will help you to identify, prepare, and share your story.

Download the True Story Worksheet

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Easter People

For the first century Jewish world, the cross was an extremely ordinary occurrence. In fact, there was nothing unordinary about a leader of a Jewish revolt being crucified by the Roman authorities. It was so ordinary, that even the followers of Jesus believed it to be the end. No one, not even Jesus’ closest friends, expected the tomb to be empty. But we know that it is significant. We just often struggle with how and why. Join Pastor Tim as he looks at the significance of the cross and its impact in securing our victory and freedom.