Corporate Prayer Goals

Back in October of last year, the leadership team of the church all got together to pray and discern what God was asking of us for 2018. We felt that God was calling us to step out in 3 areas; relationships, evangelism, and discipleship. Out of this time immersed 3 goals that we adopted at a community to guide our corporate emphasis this year. Those three goals are:

  1. Intentionally invest in 5 relationships.
  2. Reach 700 people with the Gospel message.
  3. Everyone would invite 1 person to church.

Take these goals with you as a background for your phone:

Intentionally invest in 5 relationships.

We were not meant to live isolated lives. We were designed for community. Do you have people that are investing in you? Do you have people in your life who you are investing into? We only have so much time, so are you investing in what really matters the most to you? Take some time to think about who are the people in your life that you want to be intentional with this year.

Reach 700 people with the Gospel message.

There are 350 people that are regularly involved in our programming. From our children’s program, to our youth group, to Sunday morning, to our small group network. As a church leadership we are committing to being gospel-centered and each person that comes through our doors will come into contact with the message of Jesus. Our challenge then is for each of us, all 350 people, to then take that message and share it with 1 person in our life. What is God doing in your life? What has God done for you? Take a moment to share that story with one of your intentional relationships.

Everyone would invite 1 person to church.

I like Plattsville Church. And I assume that you did to. Why else would you be here? But something happens to Christians who have been in church for a long time. We forget that there are others who need this church family too. Would you consider inviting someone you know to come to church with you? Surveys have shown that the large majority of people who don’t go to church would be willing to attend if they were personally invited by someone they know and trust. Invite someone to come with you and see what God can do through you.

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