The Throne of Your Heart

Who is sitting on the throne of your heart? Proverbs tells us that whatever we hold in our heart will direct the course of our lives. Each of us have experienced heartache, tragedy, and injustice. When we experience these things, they leave a mark and can influence the condition of our heart. If we are not careful we can even hold unforgiveness in our heart placing ourselves or another person on the throne of our lives. This throne was meant for Jesus and Jesus alone. The enemy will then use these situations to speak lies into our lives and derail us. In this last Sunday of Lent, let us examine the throne of our heart and make sure that we have removed ourself and anyone else from a place reserved for Jesus.

Some questions to reflect on this week:

  1. Write down a current struggle or ask Jesus to show you through a word, thought or picture an issue or struggle that you need to deal with.
  2. Ask the Lord to show you where this started in your life
  3. Ask Him to show you what He wants you to know about what He has shown you.
  4. Ask Him to show you how this issue or struggle made you feel, ask Him to show you the specific emotion.
  5. Ask Him to show you any lies that you believed about this issues or struggle. Confess that you believed this lie and ask Him to forgive you.
  6. Ask Jesus to show you the truth about this issue or situation.  Ask Him to show you where He was and what He was doing at that time and how He feels about you

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