The Secret from Colossians

the-secret-1313741There was a book that came out a while ago called, “The Secret”. I’ve never read it but many people have. But interestingly enough the Bible too has a “secret”. A secret not in the “keep it quiet” kind of secret but in the special kind of secret. Secrets can be fragile, life-changing things. And this is the kind of secret that the Bible gets to – a kind that can change your life and that’s a promise for a deeper life.

And on Sunday we are going to look at this secret. The secret that Paul shares in Colossians 1 about who you are, and who lives in you.

But I don’t want to give it all away too soon, so why not go and read Colossians 1. It’s worth it – trust me. Because there is a secret there that will change your life, more than any book. A secret Paul comes right out and shares. Because good secrets, really good on
es, are worth sharing.

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