Who’s Jesus?

On Sunday we are going to be continuing in our series looking at Theology 101. We are going to be discussing a key, or they 443072_50402965key central tenet of Christianity: Jesus Christ. This is called Christology, and we’ll be exploring the humanity, divinity, and most of all the revelation of Jesus Christ.

The revelation of Jesus is so key to our current culture. Currently there are lots of views floating around our culture about what God is like: a grandfather, non-existent, passé, an angry vengeful warrior, someone intensely interested in personal morality, or lots of things. The God I’m interested is none of these. The God I’m interested in is the one that Christ reveals, that Christ shares, and the one that Jesus says looks like him.

And that’s what we are going to be looking at, but before we get there I have a question for you. As you think about God, and what he’s like, here’s my question – does he look like Jesus? And if he doesn’t maybe there are some changes to be made.

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