Anger, Wrath, and Road Rage


On Sunday we are looking at Anger. And I think this is an important topic to look at because, in general, I think our culture has a confused relationship with anger. In some ways it seems like we not only tolerate anger, but even approve of it. We see it in sports, and call it passion or drive. We see it in business and call it leadership or strength. We see it in ourselves, in our marriages, or in our families and we say it,s okay.

But I’m not so interested in what culture says, I’m interested in what the Bible says. And the Bible says something very interesting. The Bible says that anger gives the enemy a foothold (Eph 4:25), that anger gives the enemy space to move, that anger indulged actually creates an opening in our lives for destruction. Destruction of relationships, of futures, and of ourselves.

So on Sunday I want to look at this topic and see how we not manage anger. Not how can we control our anger. Not how we can curb our anger. But instead, I want to look at how we can be free from anger. Because wrath, anger, hate, and revenge are all sins. And sin leads to destruction and difficulty; so I want to see how we can live free from it.

But to do that we have to answer one key question that I want to leave with you to think about. What is at the root of anger? What makes people yell at a sporting event? What makes people get out of the cars for road rage? What makes people explode at a moment’s notice? What is the root of anger? What is its cause? Why does it happen?

And my hope is as we discover that answer, we’ll discover freedom too.

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