Sloth the Sin that Needs No Effort

On Sunday I want to answer this question:

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Found at

And I think it’s a great question. Because in many ways we’d love to be more “slothful”

  • Who wouldn’t like a day to sleep in?
  • Who wouldn’t like a lazy day inside drinking coffee?
  • Who wouldn’t like a movie marathon every now and then?

The question I think is this – is the sin of sloth anti-rest?

And I don’t think it is. God is not anti-rest. God clearly commands rest, relaxation, and Sabbath. So the question is then, what is the sin of sloth really about? And here is my short answer that we’ll unpack on Sunday. The sin of sloth is a refusal to respond to God. It’s not about conserving or recharging our energy, but refusing to use our energy to join in what God is doing.

So come Sunday we are going to explore this topic, and why it matters. We are going to see how you can be lazy, or busy – and still be stuck in the sin of sloth. We are going to see how the sin of sloth robs you of life, and robs the world of your gifts. So that’s where we are going on Sunday, of course assuming I don’t slothily sleep in.

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