Waiting is a Forgotten Art

384110_4480For today’s post I want to begin with a quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

“Celebrating advent means learning how to wait.  Waiting is an art which our impatient age has forgotten. We want to pluck the fruit before it has had time to ripen”

This is what we are looking at on Sunday, the art of waiting.

Advent is about waiting. Waiting for Jesus to come, for salvation to enter the world, for God’s promises and covenant to come true. But I really believe in our day and age we don’t know how to wait. Yes we know how to be impatient but not to truly wait. To wait with expectancy, to wait even with urgency, to wait, not as if Jesus’ coming doesn’t affect us, but as if our lives depend on it.

So that is what we are looking at on Sunday – the art of waiting and also the art of finding. On Sunday we are going to be preaching from a page in your Bibles I’m almost absolutely sure you haven’t heard from before.

But before we get there start to think about waiting. What are you really waiting for this Christmas? And we’re not talking about gifts or the new Xbox. What are you really waiting for, and really desiring? Is it a healed marriage, friendship, or even a health concern? Is it a purpose, a dream, or job to come about?

What is it you are truly waiting for, and come Sunday we will talk about how to wait. And most of all…how to find as well.

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