What’s Your Posture? What’s Jesus’?

1390296_18138490On Sunday we are talking about something really important but not often ever addressed. We are talking about posture.

And no I’m not talking about sitting up straight, or those type of things.

I’m talking about the posture we have to those around us.

Because here is the thing – most studies show that people like Jesus, but don’t like Christians. The question is why? Why do people like Jesus and not like his followers? And I think it has something to do with our posture, our stance, our way of relating to others around us.

So on Sunday I want to discover what Jesus’ posture to the world was, and what our posture to the world should be as well.

The question I have for us today is this: what is your current posture to the world? By that I mean how are you currently relating to those around you? Is it one of judgment? Is it one of separation? Is it one of accommodation? Is it something else?

I think it’s important to actually think through because so much of what we communicate to our family, friends and neighbors is unconscious. So what is your posture to the world around you? And better yet, what do you think our posture should be?

I’ll leave you with those two key questions that we’ll be exploring more in-depth on Sunday. But I’ll give you a hint I think our posture has something to do with the Hebrew word barak.

Have a great weekend!

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