What’s in Your Wallet?

1361618_19944881On Sunday we are exploring the topic of money, and its related topic of peace. There is a lot of ad’s that promise freedom from finances, peace with possessions, and all sorts of things like that. And that’s what we really want to explore on Sunday. How can you have peace, freedom, and hope in relation to your finances and everyday concerns?

I think this is a really important question because if it is possible to live without worry, to go to sleep without stress, to have hope about the future rather than dread – then we’d want that in our lives.

And as we’ll discover on Sunday so much of society tells us the answer to having that peace and freedom is always…more. Make more money, have more things, be more independent, be more in control etc. But I think the reality is very different than that. Having more doesn’t bring an increase of peace, otherwise most people in North America would be the most happy, and stress-free people on the planet. We have so much in North America, so why doesn’t that translate into more peace and freedom from stress and anxiety?

That’s what we’ll discover on Sunday, how to live life with such assurance that peace, and hope are naturally a part of all you do. We’ll discover how Jesus teaches that peace and hope don’t come from more, they come from him.

2 thoughts on “What’s in Your Wallet?

  1. Important topic Andrew. People often get caught up in buying things for themselves and others thinking it will make them feel better or be thought better of. When I reflect on my childhood I couldn’t tell you what I got for my 5th birthday, my 12th birthday or pretty much any birthday. I do however remember Sunday drives with the family after church, that usually ended in an ice cream cone, going to watch my brothers play ball or having them watch me play ball. Of all of the memories that were made seldom did they include money. In fact when I speak about financial planning to young couples I often remark that a picnic is usually more romantic than dinner at a 5 star restaurant.

    1. I think you’re so right! When I think about it I can’t remember many birthday gifts I’ve been given, but I remember so many great experiences with family and friends that cost almost nothing. Investing in the things that last, and not just “stuff”, is best practice I think.

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