Go to Timeout Daddy!

941103_10152862084975643_260761294_nWe have a three year old, which also means that we have a timeout spot. For us it’s the stairs. This has been helpful because pretty much every place we go has stairs.

Everybody’s different, but for us we use timeouts to help Hudson make right choices. Some people use timeout’s for punishment but we want it to be a corrective. So the general rule is he able to come off timeout whenever he is ready to say sorry, eat his supper, or do whatever it is he was supposed to in the first place. This is important to us because then Hudson still has some control, and if he makes the right choice right away he can get out of timeout quickly. There isn’t a set punishment time, instead he sits there as long as it takes to make the right choice. Because we want our kids to make the right choices. What is funny is that our kids also want us to make the right choices.

So the other day I’m in a bad mood. I’m grumpy. I’m complaining, and not being “happy”. So you know what Hudson does? He puts me in timeout.

He says, “Daddy no whining, you go to timeout. When you happy you come off and say sorry and we play. Okay!”

My little boy is no longer just learning the right choices, but expecting them from others. This is a really good thing, although I did have to spend sometime in timeout.

What I’m learning if I’m to be a good father is that it’s a lot about consistency. Consistently living what I’m asking. Consistently living up to my own expectations I set for my boys. In essence I need to model what I am trying to teach, and practice what I preach.

So maybe it’s a good moment today to simply take a second and ask yourself, “Do you need to go to timeout?” Is there something you expect of others that you aren’t doing? Are you making the right choices you ask other people to make?

Because trust me its so much better when we say we’re sorry, act the right way, and get back to playing…

6 thoughts on “Go to Timeout Daddy!

  1. Wonderful parenting technique! Wish I would have known about it when my children and grandson were little.
    I enjoy reading your blog. I feel the holy spirit is moving in my life. I even keep finding books that are helping me grow and give me hope.
    Thank you for sharing your faith Andrew.
    ps You can show this email to Florence E.

    1. Thanks so much for the Encouragement! And that is truly wonderful about how the Spirit is moving in your life, and I will let Florence know as well 🙂

  2. That was a wonderful story and a valuable lesson for sure. It made me pause and reflect on my life, not just with my sons but also with co-workers etc. We, as Christians, have to watch how we live out loud to others. Thank you for that Andrew. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the positive feedback! I often find my little boys causing to me pause and reflect on my life making sure its in line with Jesus. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing such an enlightening moment…eyes are always watching! There is always something to learn on our journey of becoming more loving and Christlike:-)

    1. You are so right that there is always more to learn – and for me its often through my two little boys. Thanks for the encouragement!

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