Dads, Dedications, and Decisions that Last a Lifetime

295563_10152669437890643_2115517437_nOn Sunday it’s a pretty special day for me as a parent. We are dedicating our little boy Asher. You only get to do that once…well actually we dedicated Hudson twice but that’s a story for another day.

As a pastor this is a really cool moment because you get to preach at your own little man’s dedication. But it also raises the question of what do you preach on at a dedication?

For Hudson, I preached on why I follow Jesus so that when he grows up he can listen to it and understand why mom and dad make the decisions we do. But on Sunday I want to share about something different because my boys are different.

On Sunday I want to explore a simple question: how can we live in such a way to leave a legacy? For me specifically it will be about how, as a parent, I can leave a legacy of love and grace in Asher’s life. But it applies much more broadly. How can you live in such a way to shape generations? To change people’s futures? That your lives echo into the future changing them?

That’s what we are exploring because my guess is that when we come to the end of our lives we won’t care about more money, better promotions, cleaner houses, or better vacations. We will care about what type of legacy we have left, whether we will be remembered and whether our lives mattered.

On Sunday we are going to figure out how to do just that. How to leave a legacy that lasts and lingers.

But before we get there maybe think back in your own life. Who has left a legacy there? How did they do it? What was it about their life that caused such an affect?

For me that was my dad. Even though he passed almost 3 years ago, he is far from gone. His life continues to leave a mark in mine. Even though he won’t hold Asher until heaven, his legacy will shape and change Asher just as it’s changed me. So the question is how do we live lives like that? And come Sunday we’ll find out.

2 thoughts on “Dads, Dedications, and Decisions that Last a Lifetime

  1. Besides the legacy you consciously try to leave, I think what will be really great when we finish our journey is finding the legacy we left behind that we never knew about – the person at Tim Horton’s who sees how you interact with them and your family or friends, the person who might have visited your home once and you don’t even remember them, the one you smiled at the first time they visited your church, the seat you gave up on the bus while reading your Bible, the conversation you had while waiting to purchase your groceries….the lives we touched and that God changed when we weren’t even trying. You never know the impact or where it will end. Think back on your own “little” memories and how they shape you – you will be surprised.

    1. I think that is so true and beautiful. I really believe you are right and that our actions linger and last into so many people’s lives that we probably never even realized. Its a great reminder that we are always leaving a legacy with all sorts of people.

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