Rocky, Revelation, and Underdogs

On Sunday we are going to be learning from the movie Rocky. Yes it’s true, and there is a lot to learn from the movie besides the 215px-Rocky_posterfact that Sylvester Stallone was quite athletic in the day. Rocky is actually quite revealing about the book of Revelation. While it is odd to think about, it’s true. And on Sunday we are looking at the letter to Philadelphia (which of course brings us back to Rocky).

The question we will really be exploring though is a good one: “how do underdogs win?” This is important because many of us in life feel like underdogs. We feel like an underdog in our business that the odds are stacked against us. Some of us feel like an underdog in our families, that the stress and pressure of the world is tough to overcome. Some of us defiantly feel like an underdog in our finances, that no matter how hard we try we can’t quite make it out.

So that is why it’s a good question to look at on Sunday. It’s an even better question to look at because Jesus talks about it. He says to the church in Philadelphia, “I know you are weak and have little strength left.” And many of us feel that way, but he gives that church a wonderful promise that he wants to give to us as well. He says that we will become pillars in God’s temple, that he will write the Father’s name on us, and we will be citizens in the new city. These are beautiful promises that I think we’d love to experience. The question is how? How do we, as underdogs who have little strength, win? How do we overcome the odds to have healthy families, businesses, relationships, and finances? How do we overcome?

Thankfully the answer Jesus gives is the same answer that is found in Rocky. But to figure out that answer you’ll either have to take a guess, show up on Sunday, or wait till next week. Until then why not watch Rocky, watch your favorite failing sports team, or read a book about an underdog and cheer for them. Just remember Jesus cheers for the underdog too – even you and me!

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