The Problem with “Evangelism”

I want to share with you the problem of “evangelism”. The problem with it – is the word itself. The word gives off this idea of qualification, professionalism, and deep training that is needed to become an “evangelist”. When I think of an “evangelist” I think of people so confident that they have no problem sharing Jesus with random strangers on the street. That these are the people that lead their grocery store clerk to Jesus, when I can barely hold an awkward 55 second conversation. In essence, when I hear the world “evangelism” or “evangelist” I think of something I’m not good at and won’t be good at. In essence, it reminds me of my failed attempts to communicate the beauty of Jesus to other people.

But this is the problem with the word because it gives us an impression of something that isn’t even biblical. Biblically should we be sharing our faith with others? Yes absolutely!! But do we need to be professionals at it? Do we need to attend training seminars about sharing the “4 Spiritual Laws”? Do we need to have a specific gifting that a spiritual gifts test reveals?…The answer is unequivocally no.

The Biblical answer as we’ll find out on Sunday is that everyone is called to be an “evangelist” right here and right now. Meaning that each and every Christian is called to share Jesus with others. And on Sunday we’ll see how God uses untrained, unqualified, and unsure people to change others. And as we’ll see, if he can use them, he can use us. Because here is the beautiful thing, that God wants to use you to shape your friends, family, and neighbors. And the beautiful thing is you don’t need more training, qualifications, or even ability…you just need a story to share.

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