Halloween, Hospitality, and the Theological Significance of Front Doors

Did you know what some of the first Christians we’re most know for? Radical hospitality.

This is something I think we should recapture. Because this is my honest belief: that the front door of our homes can invite and welcome people into the heart of the church. That when we invite and welcome people into our homes, and lives we are inviting people into the heart of the church. Because the church isn’t a building, it is a people. So when we as Christians, part of the body of Christ, practice radical hospitality we are not just inviting people into our homes but inviting people to experience church, Jesus, and God’s kingdom. This is a beautiful thing because I’ve found before people ever cross the doors of the church building where I work, they have often crossed my front door. Before they ever gather to sit and hear God’s story on a Sunday, they have sat on my couch and I’ve heard their story.

So how does this matter on Halloween?

Simple because people are coming to your front door, which can become a doorway to the heart of the church.

So this Halloween practice great hospitality, give out great candy, be warm, be friendly, be giving and generous because the next time a neighbor comes to your front door they might just cross it and eventually become part of the church.

So practice radical hospitality and who knows where it might lead…but my theological guess is it will lead to Jesus…

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