Learning to Rest

This Sunday we are looking at rest, relaxation, and Sabbath.

As Christians, learning to rest and connect with God should be something that is a part of our weekly rhythm, but often it’s not. Often our lives are hurried, rushed, and even frantic. We have emails, meetings, kids classes to take, and an effort to eat healthy. All of this can leave us feeling drained and down before we even come to take a rest.

So on Sunday I want to explore not why we should rest. I think we all know that it’s healthy to rest. Simply work 7 days a week for 6 months and see how you feel after that. The point isn’t why we need to, but how we might rest.

This is what I want to explore on Sunday, how the practice of Sabbath can actually drive our relationship with God and others deeper. I want to seek to share with you how you might start to rest and relax. I want to discover a surprising reality that the very first thing that is called holy isn’t a thing at all, but a period of time.

But why wait to start taking a Sabbath till we’ve talked about it Sunday. Why not start this weekend? Plan out a time to rest and relax. What is it that really helps you to slow down and connect?

For me I’m planning a lovely late Friday night meal with my amazing wife, once Hudson has gone to bed. We’ll talk and sip some fancy soda’s given to us from the church, talk, and reflect. And then have a late night cup of coffee.

This is my plan, but for you – is resting important enough to actually plan? Is it something you hope to do? Or something you must do? Because what we’ll understand on Sunday is that Sabbath is a gift – a gift though you have to choose to receive…

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