Professional Dream Killers

The reality is some people feel their job is to be professional dream killers. These are people who when you share the difference your called to make often start with a statement like this: “Let me be the Devil’s advocate; Let’s bring this back to reality; We don’t deal in dreams but in facts” etc…

 The reality is as soon as you start to try to make a difference someone will start to try to stop it. They’ll say this is reality, this has been tried before, it can’t be done, you’re not the right person, or you’re not qualified. You might have a professional dream killer in your office, family, board, committee, or even church. The question is how do you overcome the obstacles they put in your place? What is the right way to move forward? How do you overcome the questions when they stop being “nice, helpful questions” to purpose hurtful and destructive comments?

Because the truth is, if you have ever tried to follow God’s dream for your life – you have encountered challenge, obstacles, and hurtful people. You have had to face professional dream killers. So how do you overcome it? What has helped you? What hasn’t worked?

And then on Sunday we are going to find out how Nehemiah overcame his own professional dream killers. We’ll see how he both met their challenges and overcame them. Because if we want to reach our God-given visions, we’re going to have to learn how to overcome obstacles and opposition. But that’s why God’s calling you to make a difference, not because it’s easy but because it’s worthwhile…

2 thoughts on “Professional Dream Killers

  1. This is so true, Andrew!! I find that the people who discourage us from following our dreams are often the people we are closet to. I find that they are comming from a place of well meaning and concern and are just trying to keep us safe.
    I have learned to listen, acknowledge how they feel and make the decision to listen to God regardless.
    Sometimes taking that leap of faith makes no sence to our human understanding but we are much stronger for it in the end if we are open to God’s leading. And it makes our concerned on lookers stronger as well when they see how we are growing and have survived what they were so afraid of.

  2. You are so right that taking a leap of faith often doesn’t make sense, because its based on faith and not facts. But we believe God wants us to overcome challenges and make a difference!

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