What’s Best About Our Church…

A few weeks ago at church I asked us to fill out a survey about our church. I was looking for feedback on our strengths and areas that we could improve. Some of the best answers though came from the question, “What is the best thing about PEMC”. So what I did was break down all the answers into word, and put into a wordle (which is the cool graphic below).

So if you attend our church my guess is that some of these words are the reasons. And if you don’t attend our church now you can know a bit about what the flavor is like here.

Church’s are meant to be a blessing to others. And this church has been a blessing to me. But regardless of whatever church you attend why not be a blessing back to your church? Take a moment and write to your leadership, your pastor, or person who you serve with sharing with them why you love them and the church. Share a blessing to the people and place who have blessed you…

Wordle: What PEMC Is...

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