A quote to start your day…with you…

I am away this week. But I still wanted to keep in touch. So we’ll keep in touch virtually. So I’ve set up a few quotes to be sent out through the week. I hope they help you, challenge you, or drive you deeper with God. And then next week if you’ve commented I’ll get back to you. But for now here is the first quote:

 “You cannot become someone other than who you are until you know who you are. And you cannot know who you are until you accept who you are right now and in this place. For the time is now, not some other time; and the place is here, not somewhere else. And you are who you are, not anyone else” – Laurence Kushner

I love this quote because it reminds me that even though I want to be more Christlike, the starting point is here and now and who I am. It reminds me that to change who I am, I need to start with who I am.

The reason this quote gives me hope is because it reminds me I’m already at the starting point of change. That I don’t need to be someone else, or be in a different place to start changing. I just need to accept where I am, that God meets me there, and move on from there.

So today accept where you are…because Jesus meets you there…and follow him where he leads…

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