Taking all the Credit

Hudson takes credit for everything. It happens all the time in our house. I’ll cut a piece of paper for him, and he dances and yells out “I did it”. I put on Diego for him to watch and he says “I did it”. In our house Hudson just about “does everything” then and always takes all the credit.

This got me to thinking though. He really isn’t trying to “steal” the credit. Instead he wants to be a part of everything. Hudson is so invested in all that is going on around him that whenever anything happens he feels he did it. He yells “I did it” because he feels that in someway he actually did do it. He is so a part of the fabric of our family that he is invested in all that goes on.

What a different picture than most of life, right? So often we don’t invest in anything. So often we live life without any real commitments. We like to wait and see if something is cool, if it succeeds, or if we don’t have anything better to do before jumping in. But as I’ve learned from Hudson, this is no way to live. He jumps into everything even if you don’t want him involved. He doesn’t miss a chance to experience something, to get involved, and whether it turns out good or bad to yell “I did it”.

Maybe we could learn something from kids? Maybe we could learn to overcome that hesitancy that builds into us as we grow up. Maybe we should invest ourselves so much in the fabric of our families, neighborhoods, and churches that whatever happens “we did it” too.

So my challenge today is this: go get involved in something bigger than you. Join in. Take part. Take some credit. And say I did it.

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