Finding and Walking with Jesus

We talk often about the fact that we are never alone with God. We talk about how Jesus is always with us. I believe this to be true. But as I’ve often said, the point isn’t just to believe something but to experience it, be changed by it, and live in its reality. So in this case the point isn’t to just believe you aren’t alone but to know it and experience it.

But how do you do this?

How do you discover Jesus walking with you when you feel like your walking alone? How do you find him in the midst of your difficulty when you feel like your facing it on your own?

These are our questions to pursue on Sunday morning. To hopefully together discover how Jesus is walking with you, even if you didn’t realize he was there.

So my question for you today is: When have you discovered that Jesus was with you, when you thought he wasn’t? How did he reveal himself? Was it through a kind friend’s words, phone call, or embrace? Was it through a peace that came upon you? How did he reveal himself and how did you end up noticing him?

Since our faith is about following and walking with Jesus, we had better learn to recognize him in our lives.

So where have you seen Jesus in your life this week?

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