Blessing those who betray us…

This upcoming Sunday we are going to be exploring a difficult topic: blessing those who betray us.

This is a tough topic because it is so hard to bless, and release people who have hurt us. It is difficult to do because we want justice, we don’t want the hurt to be overlooked, and we don’t want to pretend that the hurt hasn’t happened. This is all true. We can’t deny the hurt, or diminish its impact. But yet holding onto betrayal can lead to bitterness, and imprisonment.

So how do we let go of hurt? How do we bless those who betray us?

This is what we are going to seek to discover on Sunday, from Jesus. So we are going to look at Jesus’ famous words, “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. If we are his followers, we need to follow in offering his freedom and forgiveness.

  • But what enables Jesus to bless his betrayers?
  • What gives Jesus the ability to ask for his crucifiers forgiveness?
  • How does he do this and how might we follow him in this?

So this is what we’re looking at. But what do you think? What enables Jesus to speak these amazing words as he is about to be killed? How does he do this and how might we do this?

I think this is worth some time, thought, and discussion. Because blessing our betrayers is so hard, but Jesus does it. And if he does it, I want to do it too. The question is how? So what do you think? How do you bless those who betray us?

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