Throw a Party ~ Be Like Jesus…

This Sunday we talked about how God’s Kingdom is like a party.

But not just any party a great party where different people mix, connect, and are invited. God’s Kingdom is like a great banquet where invitations go out to the unlikely, unnonticed, and unwanted. It’s this party where everyone gets great food, where lonely people connect, where people who are down have fun, where boundaries are crossed and life begins. And you’re invited not because of who you know, but Jesus who knows you. This is a picture of what God’s Kigndom is like.

So my challenge to you this week is simple: throw a party.

Throw a good party. Throw an awesome party. Invite friends, neighbors, and people would never get invited. Get great food, great music, and have a great time. Samir Selmanovic  “Christians know how to talk about life, but they don’t know how to love life”. Let’s prove this statement wrong this week. Let’s love life and help others to love it too by our grace, generosity, and inclusion. Throw a great party, and watch as God’s Kingdom surprises you all around.

Following Jesus means throwing parties…so get busy loving life by throwing a party…

5 thoughts on “Throw a Party ~ Be Like Jesus…

  1. So andrew are bible study has a question about a certain parable. The parable is the wedding banquet matthew 22. in the parable the kind shows grace to his people to his people than becomes enraged and murders them, but then shows them grace again, but than throws out one of his poor guests. what does this parable? or what is it suppose to represnt?

    sincerly, confused

    sam,ronni, and steph

    1. Okay so here’s a quick answer. But we can talk about it more on Sunday if you’d like. The main thing to notice I think about this parable is who Jesus is talking too. He’s not just addressing a crowd of poor people interested in his Kingdom. He’s really talking to the priests, pharisees, and religious rulers of the day. The previous chapter 25 shows this. And the three parables before this are also all harsh. Its as if Jesus is trying to tell the leaders and priests that their actions are excluding them from the Kingdom. They were invited (to the banquet) but they refused. They were invited and then turn violent against the messengers and the veiled reference to killing the messengers is foreshadowing to Jesus. So I think in general this parable is really about challenging the ruling people to change the way they are living or they will find themselves outside the party, banquet, and living a way of life that leads to pain and destruction. I think the ending of throwing the man out again points to this idea that he didn’t prepare or change to be a part of the banquet. The point isn’t really what he is wearing, but that he isn’t ready to fully join in the party. He doesn’t offer any excuses such as I couldn’t afford one, I didn’t have one, etc. So we are left to assume that he had these clothes and simply chose not to wear them. Some scholars actually point out that anyone attending the party if they didn’t have clothes would be given them by the master of the house to wear for the party. If this is true then the man went into the party refusing to wear the clothes ready and prepared for him. In essence he doesn’t want to change. The point was that he doesn’t come ready to join in the party, he doesn’t prepare or change, and so is also outside of the party. This parable is really different from the one in the Luke. This one is really addressed to the rulers and chief priests about how they will miss out on the Kingdom, and Luke’s is really about who will be in the party. Okay maybe not super quick answer but we can talk about it more!

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