My List of Failures…

I hate to fail. I hate the feeling, I hate when it happens. But even more than that, I hate when I don’t learn from my failures.

A mentor of mine taught me to keep a success list. This is where you write down significant accomplishments. Not big, but significant. This helps you when you hit a low week. Those weeks where you wonder what you’re doing in life, and if your life has had any meaning. You can look back over your list and realize that God is working through you. It’s almost a reminder of God’s activity in your life. And this is a good thing.

But I’ve started up something less positive – My list of Failures. This may seem odd, and perhaps it is. But I hate making mistakes and hate even more repeating them. So I write down key mistakes, and what I’ve learned from them so I never do it again. And yes I could title my list more positively like “My List of Learnings”. But for me I know I fail, and I will fail. The title may not be happy but it keeps me humble and healthy.

So want to know some things off my list? Here are a few mistakes I’ve learned from. Don’t email, when a phone call is better and more easily understood. Don’t think someone else will do it. Don’t be embarrassed to ask to pray for someone.

Want to know my newest one?

On Sunday I didn’t feel like I did a good job preaching. Inside I felt a bit off, unsure, and flustered. I let that affect me and my responses. I failed a bit there. So here’s my newest one: Don’t let your job or duties ever stop you from simply pausing, breathing, and praying for God to be present. That probably would have made the difference.

But I’m not going to let to make the same mistake twice.

But what about you. What will you not let happen twice?

What mistakes have you learned from?…

6 thoughts on “My List of Failures…

  1. Be encouraged Andrew you did a great job on Sunday as you always do. I feel like I miss opportunities a lot because of my own insecurities but I am trying not to do this anymore. Trying to rise above this,be bold and say what I want ,not what I think I should say,or think sounds logical because sometimes that is not what God wants me to say.I was also discouraged Sunday ,my own fault. I should have stayed at the potluck Sunday,I thought because I was alone it would be awkward.But I have many friends at church and there again it was my own insecurities and I missed out.So no more of that ,the enemy won that one but I am trying not to let that happen again. Bev

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement. And I love how you ended your comment. That the enemy won that one but that you won’t let it happen again. All I can say is Amen to that.

  2. Hello Andrew

    On Sunday when you asked if we felt that God was present,wow I felt he was sooooo present and wanted to throw my hands up into the air. Unfortunately my hands attached to the arms that are attached to my body which is attached to my brain and my brain said now now Mary don’t go making a scene. But I realize that it is exactly the scene that God wants us to make. My shyness took over my real feelings and I stayed silent when I should yelled out yes, I feel him present.

    Andrew, what a gift he has given you to share and to be real,with such a heart for people and it shines through you. We are so blessed to have you and your family be a part of Plattsville Church.

    I believe that when you got 100% of the vote for you to come to Plattsville Church it was the Lord and it meant that not only you be there for us but us being there for you. Along with us being there for your family.

    God’s Blessing

    1. I was just re-reading this and thought it was amazing to have you up on Sunday leading in worship!

    1. Thanks so much Mary. I love the idea that when God calls you somewhere that he not only calls you to be there for others, but others to be there for you. That really struck me as profound. So thank you for the encouragement, there is a beauty in being in the place God wants you. I’ve found that at Plattsville.

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