Love is Enough

On Sunday I preached about one story called the “Parable of the Hidden Treasure”. Today I’d like to think a bit about the next parable – “The Parable of the Pearl” because this parable actually ties right into to Valentines Day.

In this parable we read this: “Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it!” (Matt 13:45-46)

In this story the man sells everything he owns and he bought a pearl. But through buying this pearl he loses everything else. Everything else is sold, all he has is the pearl. Which means that the pearl is worth having and nothing else. Which means that he must truly love the pearl for what it is and not what is worth. The man doesn’t go out and sell it for a profit. Instead he gives up everything just to have it, and having it is enough. Jesus says that this is a picture of the Kingdom. And it truly is but this parable is also a picture of love.

The thought that struck me while reading this parable is this: the pearl is enough for the man. He has nothing else. He has no money, no possessions, nothing. Yet simply having it is enough for him.

This for me is a picture of love. Where you might not have anything else, but having love is enough.

This has been true for me all throughout my life. When Krista and I were first married we had no money and no possessions really, but we had each other. When my dad’s health was up in the air and we didn’t have certainty, but my family had each other. Even now our little family of three is blessed, but what makes us truly blessed is having and  loving each other.

Love isn’t often enough. Love is always enough.

So today is about love. And it’s not just about romantic love, but love in all its forms and contexts. Today you might not have a romantic someone, but hopefully you have a special someone. Someone who has been there with you, and cares for you.

So why not tell someone important in your life that they matter on this day of love. Tell them how their love and caring has helped you. Tell them how love is enough.

So Krista  ~ just so you know – for me and Hudson – your love is enough…Happy Valentines Day

4 thoughts on “Love is Enough

  1. Good word Pastor Andrew.
    “Love isn’t often enough. Love is always enough”.
    I have watched that thought become real over the past few weeks in the life and days of our family. Love is carrying and sustaining us. With one another. Through the innumerable meals that fill our fridge. In the kind words that fill greeting cards and phone messages. In the hugs and the smiles.
    Love has become a tangible and visible thing to me in these days – even when people feel as though they aren’t doing anything.
    May we continue to allow the Lord to use what we believe to be small things to accomplish great love in the lives of those around us.

    1. That’s beautiful. And I think that’s what were called to do – small things with great love and purpose.

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