Sunday’s Sermon ~ Following In Feeding: Matthew 14:13-21

In case you missed it on Sunday, or want to listen to it again – here is my sermon from yesterday. Just click on the link and it will take you to a download page.

“Following in Feeding ~ October 30th, 2011”

I hope you find it helpful, and that through it you might be encouraged to be ready to be used by Jesus in unexpected ways.

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sermon ~ Following In Feeding: Matthew 14:13-21

  1. Excellent message. I would like to give a shout out to Rob Decaire who is the man who is really behind the roof mentioned in this sermon. He was the brains of the operation. Also our beautiful wives helped with the roof as they supported by sacrificing time with their husbands. (They got the eat pizza after though.) Pizza Arca saved the day

  2. Talk about helping your neighbours! Rob turned roofing into a neighbourhood event! I actually just bumped into Rob for the first time since highschool yesterday (yes that means over 10 years ago!). Great to see him and his wife. I also appreciated the shout out to the women behind the scenes, sounds like it was a great day for everyone.

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