Where I Saw Jesus This Week…

This week I really sensed Jesus in a unique place – at a pastor’s retreat.

This might sound obvious at first glance, but sometimes it’s very easy amongst pastors to talk a lot about God, Jesus, and the church that you miss actually being in the presence of Jesus. This can happen easily in anyone’s life. Where you attend church lots, go to lots of meetings, help out somewhere, but forget that those things aren’t a replacement for a relationship with Jesus – they are the outflowing of it.

So this week I sensed Jesus while out with a few pastors for wings late on Monday night. We ate, shared stories, laughed, and connected. And how did I specifically sense Jesus in all of this? Well I was reminded how often Jesus is seen in the gospels simply connecting with friends around food.

There is something spiritual and spectacular when while eating, drinking, laughing, and sharing…you pause…stop and smile…and realize you are with good friends, cared for, and connecting…and just know that Jesus is with you enjoying the conversation as much as you…

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